Lear change order request

By Checking this box you agree to the terms and conditions regarding Change Orders as stated in LEAR Electric's TERMS AND CONDITIONS. A copy of those terms are available to the right of this form. For a full list of TERMS and CONDITIONS please visit the link provided on this website. You can also downlaod this form with the link provided and fax back to 519.326.4181


CHANGE ORDERS: The Customer may from time to time (a) make changes to the specifications; (b) issue additional instructions; and/or (c) require additional work or direct the omission of work previously ordered (hereinafter the "Change Order(s)"). The Customer shall be responsible to pay for any and all Change Orders authorized by the Customer and accepted by Lear Electric. Change Orders must be in writing. The Company shall secure a written Change Order from the Customer before doing the work and shall subsequently provide the Customer with the approximate and/or actual cost for the Change Order. Any delays to the original quoted scope of work that may result from the Customer’s neglect to approve a change order may result in extra changes to the Customer. Delays in approving change orders may result in a stoppage of work at the expense of the Customer. Once work has resumed, in order to meet deadlines, the Company may find it necessary to perform work beyond the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm local time, and beyond Monday through Friday and/or exclusive of our holidays. Any work performed other than during our normal working hours shall be chargeable at our standard overtime rates. All hidden, concealed, or unforeseeable conditions, including code violations that must be repaired, corrected, replaced, or overcome shall result in an additional charge to the Customer. Please note that cancellation of any quoted project by the Customer after the project was granted and started by LEAR Electric will result in an hourly charge for the work, as carried out up until the cancellation notice, at the current Residential, or Commercial rate. Material re-stocking fees, and permit charges may apply. Invoicing for Change Orders are not subject to any other payment terms other than DUE UPON RECEIPT. General Contractors are liable to pay LEAR Electric upon receipt of the invoice for Change Orders whether or not they receive payment from their Customers.

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